Carla Lucena
Illustration & Art Direction


Make something cool everyday.


Or at least, I'm trying!

One of the main struggles of making complex illustrations is that you don't have ready-to-show, or at least finished and decent, work everyday. Sometimes this makes you feel like you lost your time, no matter how many hours you put in that particular project or how positive the feedback you receive in the next couple of days is. And it's neither easy to come up and complete something 100% new and smart after a full working day.

At the end, you go to bed thinking you didn't make any advances -  a nightmare merry-go-round for solitary freelances.

After a few years battling this underproductive and nonsensical personal phobia, that usually leads to workaholism and not paying enough attention to your beloved ones, I found a system to arrive to supper time with some peace of mind: illustrated studies on vintage packaging. One little illustration that requires more eye than brain and that I can finish at the end of every day. An absolute copy of already existing things (for sure! Won't deny that) that turns out to be a way better practice in design, typography & lettering than copying flowers or other forms of still life.

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