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Getting out of the cave

 Left to right: Bakea, myself, Marina Anaya, Eric Mangin, Masaaki Hasegawa & Manuel Marsol.

Left to right: Bakea, myself, Marina Anaya, Eric Mangin, Masaaki Hasegawa & Manuel Marsol.

  Print test  before final art.

Print test before final art.

 With  Belén Coca  aka.  Niña Vintage  (left) & Jocelyn (right) at Mujeres que comen.

With Belén Coca aka. Niña Vintage (left) & Jocelyn (right) at Mujeres que comen.

It has been a very busy November, mostly because I did what I usually don't: getting out of my illustration (cave) studio. Working from home is great, but it's inevitable to isolate yourself. Both my husband and my mentor agreed that I had to get out, and who would I listen to but them?

The month started with The Future of Journey collective exhibition at the recently opened BeCurious Gallery, located at the gorgeous offices of Id.Real (probably the most beautiful design studio in Madrid). All thanks to the wonderful organization of Anita and the rest of a very generous and encouraging team. The exhibited pieces are part of a limited edition print collection and you can find them at the shop.

This led to a architecture illustration collaboration with Ethic Magazine, a publication about world sustainability that analyses environment, social entrepreneurship, innovation and human rights among other subjects. I will publish it as soon as manage to get a copy.

A week later, I had the chance to go to a meeting of Mujeres que comen, a women networking dinner where I had the chance to meet other creatives, writers, product designers and entrepreneurs. A very positive experience and good bunch of new productive contacts in only four hours. 

And that was just the start of the Christmas meetings season. Behind each occasion, there are hundred of hours preparing illustrations, making print tests and preparing packages to send them overseas. Also, some personal promotional material and my first experience printing with Moo. You can see an unboxing video on my instagram feed.

In the middle of all this get-out-there euphoria, I've been working as an illustrator for CasaDecor ( one of Europe's more important and exclusive interior design events) too. Another project I can't wait to unveil.

And of course, I've kept preparing students at Miami Ad School Madrid. Somehow, I managed a few copywriting pupils to be interested in design and aiming to improve, which is already a victory for me. Today they'll be showing me their work for the #createtomorrow Absolut vodka contest brief, and I'm really looking forward to see what they came up with.

Having in consideration that I usually work on my own, it has been a social marathon for me. But the real race is only about to start. I wrote here not that long ago about the perks of creating your own product line. Well, step by step at a slow but steady pace, I keep moving forward with that and I already have my first material supervision and printing session this week. I don't know yet if it will end up being a castle or humble little house, but what is certain is that's no longer going to be built in the air.

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