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Conversation with Niki - Cicada Wheels

Ph Laurence Tan@photosby_laurence –  @gutterskump

Ph Laurence Tan@photosby_laurence – @gutterskump

Cicada Wheels is an Italian blog about moto life, art and lifestyle, and I recently had the pleasure to chat with its creator Nicoletta.

We talked about my work process and background, but she also made a very interesting question: what being an illustration in the present meant to me.

I had never though about it, but it made me realize how lucky I am and how important the 50's to 70's were for the way we live today.

I'm copying a excerpt here, but I highly recommend you to take a look at her blog.

Q: “Absolutely in love with Mid Century Modern” and “Architecture Icons”  series, they are a celebration of your love for architecture, style, and design of the past; why does the past fascinate you? Are you nostalgic? How do you live the present?

A: I was born in the 80’s and I’m glad I did because there were way too many things of society that needed to change before that. So no, I can’t be nostalgic about a time I didn’t live. However, I admire the aesthetics and certain design movements of the 50’s to 70’s. And I’m a big admirer of those individuals who changed those bad things as well because they were crucial for the way we live today and the path we keep walking.

Regarding the present, I think I’m lucky to be in it. My grandma, who made a collection of hundreds of original paintings and awesome copies of Manet and Velázquez just to decorate her living-room, was considered just a handy housewife and she didn’t make an exhibition until she was a senior in the 00’s. I haven’t achieved a quarter of her skills and I’m a professional illustrator, I’ve been featured in some books and I had the chance to be part of an exhibition in London in my twenties. That’s what living in this present means to me.

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