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Print research

Here we are. I finally took a step forward and decided to invest my time and resources in the Golden Geo Collection. And the results are giving me a lot of ideas on how to use this patterned style further than prints.

I showed my students at the Miami Ad School Madrid the different options to print beyond digital. Screen print, risograph, letterpress, stamping and so on... I was looking forward to make a nice screen-printed collection, but I changed my mind on the last minute for a good reason: durability. 

I've seen the colours of the prints hanging around my studio washing out and I didn't want to offer a product that faded away in a couple of years. As you could read in my previous post, my aim was in some way to achieve the resistance in time, and screen printing seemed to be the winner bet for that.

Those little stamps you see in the corners mean something very valuable to me: that whoever who decides to acquire one of my prints, has a guarantee of 200 years of colour lasting (that's something!)They also have a protection mate varnish to keep them safe from sun and frames without glass.

After making a wide research, I decided to go local and print it with a small company called Indie Colors. They didn't have one single bad review and I can't add it neither: the result is neat.

Now that I have a nice paper and ink supplier, it's time to look for a textile one. Do you have any suggestions?

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