Carla Lucena
Illustration & Art Direction


Hard Work & Fingers Crossed

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After a whole summer helping out during a work peak in an advertising agency (Leo Burnett Madrid: great team, great guys) I felt hungry to go back to my studio. Specially when I've had the wish to create own mid-century inspired product line for so long and it seems to be happening (at last!).

Won't be quick. Won't be easy. But new changes on the course and new goals have me like a kid the night before Christmas.

On the bright side, going through my personal vintage archive and learning all sorts of things (from binding and sewing to business administration).

On the not so bright, there's a lot of work I can't show (yet!). In these over-sharing times I have to contain myself. And there are days that the hunt for materials, suppliers and producers force me to leave design for the next. That's something I'm not very used to.

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