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A proper start of the year

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2018: please stay the way you started.

The freelance life is uncertain. Some months you're overbooked, some months you live in distress. Most of us basically focus on making it through the trimester by constantly pitching. Nothing new, really.

Luckily, January has been quite a good month. I started working on a editorial about personal improvement for Mandarin Oriental, written by Meik Wiking - CEO of the Happiness Research Institute. Just the kind of article I enjoy illustrating because of both the content, the illustrated idea and the outcome: a happy client and therefore happy me.

Soon after that, I had the wonderful opportunity to pitch for Ascot Races, thanks to Brittany Freeman, my current agent in JSR. I didn't manage to get the whole year events poster series but they hired me for the communication of the Spring Family Race, which is by itself a very nice project. I illustrated my favorite and most practised sport and I had the chance of researching about British traditions. No objections.

And as all good things come in threes, I've also worked for Intercom USA. They have a HUGE blog with relevant information about startups, product management & design that is filled with images from illustrators from every corner of the world. A wonderful example of how illustration helps to gather attention and why tech brands are embracing it.

And last but not least, I started tutoring senior students at Miami Ad School Madrid for the D&AD and Art Directors' Club design oriented competitions. Which this year includes a couple of illustration and animation student briefs.

I have a pending and much needed update of my portfolio, which I'll do as soon as I can publish these projects (confidentiality is sacred). In the meanwhile, you can follow almost daily updates on Instagram.




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