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Short & Sweet February...

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... yet enrolled in a huge project.

After the last tweaks for Ascot, I temporarily joined Agency Good's always lovely team. And I've been all month illustrating quite complex infographics. It has been pretty challenging, but also enriching.

By the end of this short month I had done up to 70 illustrations about audiovisual consumption. And I'm starting March with almost the double pending to be made. There's a sentence in Spanish that sums up this very well: to get "tablas". "Tablao" is the name for the space where flamenco dancers perform, due to the wooden nature of the special dancing floor. The more "tablas" you dance over, the more experience you have.

In the middle of this illustrated storm, I was told I was hired for my personal eye. It was not only very flattering, but it also led me to think about where does personal style really comes from. I had previously wrote in this very same journal about the style quandary, but I've realized that most of things that I reflect on my work and that (finally) made my work very personal can be easily found both in my familiar and geographical past. 

Due to confidentiality, I'll be back to the journal on March. But you can follow almost daily updates on Instagram.

 Sudden memories from my grand parents' home.

Sudden memories from my grand parents' home.

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