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The Award I didn't win and the book feature I didn't expect twice.

Keeping with trend of 2018, spring had been awesome work quarter. I reached the overbooked status on March and I've made more than 170 illustrations in 3 months. That's a milestone for me: it's finally starting to feel a little like the senior professional the years say I am. Stay tuned for the coming webfolio update.

Among other things, I finished the huge illustrated infographic project I was involved in and had the chance to repeat with Intercom USA, making a couple of illustrations for their blog. I simply LOVE clients who give you creative freedom because it always shows up in the final illustration. In one of them I had to put some extra hours, which I did gladly as I came up designing up to 40 mid-century inspired mail stamps. One of the most enjoyable projects I've done in my life.

I also made a collaboration with Belén Coca (Creative Director and TedX speaker) for the Club de Creativos, making an illustrated typography poster for the exhibition "Una mirada al futuro".  Our work was placed at the event at San Sebastián and will also travel to the creative fair in Chicago.

But I can't review this trimester without mentioning what has been one of the most satisfying experiences in my career: the award I didn't win, but my students.

Marina Perta (Rumania), Alex Galán (Spain) and Gautier Fenestraz (France - Argentina), one of the teams at my class in Miami Ad School Madrid, showed one more time what I believe to be a universal insight: talent is great but hard work always beats it. They put extra hours, neurons and love and it paid off. Sometimes it takes years, sometimes it doesn't come in the shape of an award, but they were lucky to receive a encouraging D&AD recognition which I'm sure they'll explote to keep improving and being awesome creatives.

Oh, and did I mention I'm being featured again in Lüerzer's Archive 200 Best Illustrators? What a year, right? 

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