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And the Universe heard.


My uncle told me a joke once. It was about this guy who went everyday to church and prayed for an hour to win the Spanish lottery. “Please, Lord, please… I promise to spend it in good things for my family and my community. I really really REALLY need it. If you only helped me to win it, our dear Jesus Christ, I would come here every day to thank you…”. From Monday to Sunday. No matter sickness. No matter the weather. He was there everyday repeating the same speech. So one day while he was praying, the wooden figure came to life and shout at him “Buy the f*cking lottery tickets first, you dummy!!!”.

Religions aside (science-go-first agnostic here), on June 2017 I made a publication in this very same journal about aiming to work for editorials. A year after I can say that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing all summer and what I have in the agenda for the rest of year. This leads me to two particular thoughts, being A. Speculative work doesn’t stop when you leave school and B. When your requests are realistic and you summon all your patience and willpower, the Universe tends to hear. The luck factor is always there, of course. But you have to help the push of fortune.

As you may have already seen in my editorial section, I had the chance to work for OBOS Bladet Magazine doing the cover and a good bunch of article illustrations. It was a really cool project to make on a technical level and I learned a lot about the ways to reduce my environmental impact. And both the magazine and the agency team were very nice and easy to work with. We got a little stuck with the idea for the cover but we managed to successfully overcome it with a clean image that didn’t fall into clichés. As I always say, when there’s a fluid work-flow it shows up in the result. Would totally repeat with them.

I also received a request to make a couple of covers for SHOP Magazine. Having in consideration the level of the illustrators they commission (and that most of them are in my favorite list) it was really flattering, to say the least. One was for the current Singapore edition and the other for the next Christmas issue, so I’ll have to wait a little to show you the second.

I can’t keep going on without mentioning all this wonderful opportunities appeared thanks to the hard work of my lovely agent Brittany Freeman, from JSR Agency (remember guys, for any enquiries or quotes, please contact them).

While all these were happening, I received an email from the editor of Ethic Magazine, a Spanish publication on sustainable economical and social grow I had recently collaborated with. They were looking for a graphic designer, even the better if also illustrator, to work part time designing their magazine. Long story short, they chose me and I officially start in October, although I’ve already made a collection of 11 environment related illustrations for the digital version of other of their publications: Circle Magazine.

This made me to dust off my art director skills as I’ve spent the last couple of months looking for the right aesthetic to cleanly illustrate articles that are usually about recycling, waste, residual waters and pollution. The result is the image that goes with this entry, which is a combination of my usual style of illustration, digital collage and a some Photoshop magic here and there. In this particular case, I don’t suffer the usual style quandary because I consider it a convenient visual solution from the art direction point of view rather than another moment of wandering as an illustrator.

Before I sign off this entry about this year’s professional balance, I have to say I have a new and very clear goal in mind for the following. So here I am, drawing and designing with my right hand while crossing the fingers on my left. But I’ll tell about it on the next post :)

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